Cash handling for your sports betting business

Sports betting shops are winning over more and more fans. It comes as no surprise – after all, here is where the sports experience, the thrill and the joy of celebrating with others come together. But only with a functioning cash management system can you, as the owner of a sports betting shop, fully profit from the growing business. We at NOVO Cash know how it’s done: relieve your service staff and effectively control your cash flows.

Our machines offer a comprehensive range of functionalities for your cash handling – from the disbursement of betting tickets and the purchase of voucher tickets to bill changing, banknote validation and support for your service staff. What’s more, our systems combine brilliant technology with first-class design. Put your trust in cash handling machines and money changers from NOVO Cash – and boost your sports betting business.

Compact, innovative and high performing: an absolute professional when it comes to sports betting, the SlimChange machine features impressive qualities as a team player. It relieves your service staff, reduces waiting times, is easy to use and reliably protects your cash reserves.

In addition to that, guests appreciate remaining anonymous with the machine. Whether it is the disbursement of betting tickets, the purchase of voucher tickets, account credit and debit via customer cards, the display of account information or simple bill breaking: SlimChange couples all the important functions in a slim housing, which harmoniously blends in with the interior of any betting shop.

As a result, this cash handling machine has everything it takes to let you expand your sports betting business. Make the SlimChange sports betting machine your team captain!

NOVO Cash SlimChange