NOVO Cash X8

Innovative money changer

The new flagship money changer from NOVO Cash, the X8 features a 24-inch touchscreen monitor and striking design with an all-round blue LED edge. The heart of the new X8 is the strongest banknote recycler on the market: the MRX. This high-tech component enables extremely fast checking and processing of banknotes, with the deposit and withdrawal of up to 30 notes at once and up to 480 notes integrated into the banknote recycling system.

Offering fast and, above all, secure payments with two banknotes per second, the X8 also promises high performance in coin recycling with three hoppers and its own coin box. At the same time, the novel locking mechanism ensures no forced entry or break ins

  • Premium technology for arcades & casinos
  • 24“ touch screen
  • Innovative design
  • High-end banknote recycler options


  • secure checking, processing and dispensing of coins and banknotes
  • 24“ touchscreen display
  • RFID card reader for service functions
  • Receipt printer
  • Single payout tray for coins and banknotes
  • Payout of coins into cup possible
  • Robust industrial PC with Linux OS
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • NOVO Cash X software


  • NOVO Cash Security Class III+
  • Cabinet and front door made of 3 mm sheet steel
  • Innovative 10-point locking technology
  • Locking lever with double-bit lock and additional lock cover
  • Double locking system (4-eyes principle)
  • High resistance against break-in
  • Operationally secure Linux PC with flashcard memory without fan and hard disk

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