NOVO Cash X6+

Advanced redemption machine for casinos, arcades & betting venues

Compared to the conventional X6, the new NOVO Cash X6 + offers an even more secure front door with enhanced 8-point locking mechanism. For cashless paying a bank card payment device is now also available. In addition to further optimizations in many details, a blue illuminated design edge around the front door of the X6 + is particularly eye-catching. An individual front design is also possible. So the new X6 + has not only been improved technically but also optically.


  • TITO: Issuance / redemption of tickets
  • Cashless: cash to card / card to cash
  • Sports betting: pay out wins via barcode
  • Money changer
  • Bank card, contactless and mobile pay
  • Enhanced security


  • secure checking, processing and dispensing of coins and banknotes
  • 15“ touchscreen display
  • RFID card reader for service functions
  • ITHAKA Epic 950 ticket printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • PINPAD / PDQ integration
  • Modern, industrial PC
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • NOVO Cash X software concept


  • NOVO Cash Security Class III+
  • Cabinet and front door made out of 3 mm sheet steel
  • Front door with enhanced 8-point locking mechanism
  • Locking lever with double-bit lock and additional lock cover
  • Double locking system (4-eyes principle)
  • High resistance against break-in

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